I was having a bath and Bentley, who is a very large cat, came in and poked his head over the rim. He then proceeded to jump up on the rim and drink from the water. I didn’t know what to think about this. I decided to think he must be thirsty. He’s a large cat and when he’s thirsty he is bound to drink from the nearest source of water as is his right. I did briefly wonder why he didn’t find a human body submerged his water dish unappealing from a culinary standpoint. From this I deduced cats enjoy human flavoured broth and he was delighted at his luck.

During this incident I was listening to Amon Düül II. I think what I like best about this band is the fact they possess two umlaut bejeweled U’s in a row in their name. I also enjoy that they came up with so many terrible ideas which other bands made even worse. I think they wrote the precursor to perhaps every single terrible prog and metal riff. Also their singer sounds like a woman. Maybe the singer is a woman. Who’s to say.


5 Responses to Bath

  1. cats

    My cat used to drink out of toilets, but never while I was using one.

    • mrdapper says:

      Re: cats

      Bentley enjoys the toilet too. But I guess when it’s a toss up between bath and toilet water, he chooses bath.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        Re: cats

        Our cat South Side drinks out of the tub. In fact, he often demands to have a shallow bath run for himself so that he can drink out of it. He even lets his feet be submerged.

  2. carnivorissa says:

    bentley proceeds himself as the most interesting animal i have ever known.

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