Highschool Night

~ Last night was a refreshing highschool flashback. After having dinner at Amriko’s (I had a tasty vindaloo and too much naan bread), we took an impromptu hike up Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s pretty nice up there. Ryan climbed a tree. Kai was wearing a suit. It made everything seem like a fashion ad. I think all men under 30 should wear casual suits. After that we went to the DQ because Daniele really wanted icecream. Lots of other people had this idea. People with sour faces. Ryan got a free oil bucket because there was a sign on the counter saying you could have free oil buckets upon request. The manager made an unimpressed looking girl go into the basement to fetch it. She couldn’t believe her luck at being given this task, you could tell. I think she may have had to out-wit a three-headed dog to retreive the object. We ate icecream while she did so. It was more of a jug than a bucket and smelled vaguely like rancid oil. Then we took the huge plastic jug into the parkinglot and attempted to make a Mentos cannon out of it. It did not work and we abandonned the huge jug full of Diet Coke and Mentos in the parking. Meanwhile police were arresting some guy across the road. We think for forcing his cats to run a grow-op. “You gotta be kitten me,” said Daniele. Pictures, but not of the arrest, or the grow-op cats, or the failed Mentos cannon, at this link.


2 Responses to Highschool Night

  1. atrophe says:

    I think pouring out the coke removed its inert fizziness. That or the oil.

    • mrdapper says:

      I wondered if the oil dregs did something to the coke, yeah. Maybe it was because we poured it into a secondary container. It did fizz up at lot when they did it. Probably.

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