~ Apparently it’s some kind of “don’t buy gas” day today. I bought gas yesterday so I can comply with this and feel sanctimonious. Since people don’t buy gas everyday, only when they’re low, it seems like a pointless protest. What are people going to do? Abandon their cars on the side of the road because they ran out and refuse to buy gas today? Not likely. Seems a better protest would be to not drive your car all week or, better yet, run around the city lighting cars and gas stations on fire.


7 Responses to Burn

  1. I agree that the protest is pointless. Everyone who didn’t buy gas today will rush out and buy it tomorrow. It’s not really stickin’ it to the man in my opinion.

  2. bw_inc says:

    maybe people could take the bus

  3. or dont eat refried beans day

  4. bootybrown says:

    I bought gas and poured it on the ground. I needed something to drown my cigarette with.

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