Life outside the cyberspace vortex

~ Excited about Bentley‘s visit tomorrow. I wonder if The Dame is.

~ I have some days off next week. Funny, I was looking forward to doing nothing. Now I wish I was going on a trip.

~ I wonder if we get free drinks during this motivational crap tomorrow. Its the only way I can see it functioning. Buffer? 

~ I love my octave fuzz pedal. Hilariously I had to buy a noise reduction pedal to mute its godlike barrage of static. It’s like an army of angry robotic cats hissing at you when you’re not playing. It also obliterates tremolo with its intense deathray-like signal so I had to switch to vibrato.

~ Facebook has kept me so occupied this week, I was missing a bunch of stuff on Flickr. Gotta get focused!


5 Responses to Life outside the cyberspace vortex

  1. charenton_ says:

    You sir, you are to blame for my ongoing addiction to Internet time wasters.

    I miss you. I need to come visit.

    • mrdapper says:

      You should! There’s peeps in Victoria we need to reconvene with too!

      • charenton_ says:

        So, how about I’ll come to Nanaimo and we’ll take a road trip to Vic. I’ve even got a learner’s permit so I can drive … if there’s an adult in the car with me … and if I have a bright red L on the back of the vehicle …

  2. atrophe says:

    i think I’m about to give up LJ in favour of Facebook/Flickr

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