“the contents of this email are NOT to be used as fodder for Pins banter”

~ So, Modern Love dropped the ball at the Oxy. Perhaps too many Pilsners hampered our edge. But I can’t see the Pillie intake lessening. Third place though. It’s like a slap in the face. We were screwed by a Wallflowers question in the tie-breaker round when the other team got a god-damn Cyndi Lauper question handed to them on a silver platter.

~ I think I’m getting kicked off Pins of Light. Or being told to curb my enthusiasm. Which amounts to much the same thing. Amazing it’s taken this long for the higher-ups to say anything though.


22 Responses to “the contents of this email are NOT to be used as fodder for Pins banter”

  1. aporia says:

    what have you been doing on that show?!

    • mrdapper says:

      Apparently I’ve corrupted Stephen’s programming sensibilities and have lead him astray in the music selections. Also I ate a granola bar on-air. But I think making fun of people who go to the Queens during the “Queens update” was the biggie.

      • oh geez, I had no idea you ate that on air, thats the biggie.

        Granola = communist hippie

      • mrdapper says:

        Mmmhmmm. Seems you can’t run a radio station with crumbs. Crumbs will destroy everything.

      • charenton_ says:

        You ATE IN THE BOOTH? There are strongly worded signs cautioning against that kind of behaviour! If I was still on the P-Comm, I’d totally vote to suspend you.

      • mrdapper says:

        Apparently it’s okay to eat in the booth if no one knows you did it.

      • aporia says:

        i assume the queens pays for that update? tsktsk @you!

      • mrdapper says:

        I think they’re the landlord. They probably give the station a break on the rent for doing it or something. They (the higher-ups) should think ahead though and put the Queens update in Queens-friendly shows though. In The Red or one of the hip-hop or blues shows or something.

      • Erin and I find thinly veiled sarcasm is a nice way to let the world know how you feel about the Queens update. That and sandwiching it between enthusiastic, sincere plugs for super-awesome shows you love that are actually happening. And the Queens even let us use their scummy bathroom, jerk.

        You were asked SPECIFICALLY to leave? That’s awesome.

  2. bootybrown says:

    You’re getting the boot? That’s harsh! I didn’t think they were quite so “Police State” after all these years.

  3. there are always a number of antagonistic programmers listening to every show.. waiting for examples of policy breaches.. at a certain point they collect their data and go to the board, like a plaintiff in an episode of the people’s court, to collect their meagre and ill-deserved rewards.. which always makes for good tv.

    • newcleus says:

      I kinda wish they would listen to The Lateshift — I think they’d get a kick outta the fact that I swear on air. One night I swore a lot. I think I dropped the f-bomb like seven times.

  4. carnivorissa says:

    id like to know who the bastard was who was eating the crunch and munch in the booth before our show on the 22d! there was even munch and a bit of crunch left on the floor. the ironic thing is that the same person who complained about the eating has been repremanded for the same thing several times.

  5. newcleus says:

    Maybe I should mention how I used to drink and smoke up before, during and after my show. I’m pretty sure that will get someone’s panties in a bunch. Also I’ve been suspended like 6 times — it don’t mean nothing. Muthafuckas can’t kick me off air. 😀

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