There’s always room for cello

~ Something’s got to be done about the length of the turn signal for the left-turn lane from the highway turning onto Bowen at Country Club. It’s way too short. I had a three light wait this morning. Not that I was in any rush to get to work. But it seems a few seconds more would relieve a lot of congestion at that intersection in the morning and maybe people would do a lot less crazy red-light running.

~ But more importantly:

Sister Ray is opening for Helena Arlock. She’s a Cellist who plays with a guitarist and a looper-pedal. She sounds like a Bjork mixed with a Joanna Newsom or a Regina Spektor. Or a loungey, female Final Fantasy? It’s going to be awesome regardless.

Also Gustav is playing a solo set. His band, The Seasick Sailors, is described as “A band of drunken gypsy pirates.” That’s pretty rad. He was born with no right hand. He sounds like a Vetiver or an Iron and Wine meets a Tom Waits. Or something.


31 Responses to There’s always room for cello

  1. aporia says:

    did she *ask* you to put “bjork meets joanna newsom” on the poster? and her name in big letters *twice*? i’m just not sure about this poster. but i’ll still go.

    • mrdapper says:

      if i just put her name on the poster, or gustav’s, would that mean anything to anyone? only about 9 people read this blog after all where i can explain in a paragraph what she does. i’m sure she’s be none too impressed with the reference, but you still need to promote the show in terms that might be enticing to people. especially for a tuesday night. or no one’s going to show up.

      the repetition was just to fill space in that corner. and i thought was a little dodgy myself. but i was pressed for time.

      • aporia says:

        i think comparing bands on posters should be outlawed. and i agree with rose that the other line should be sales pitch enough.

        also, attendance for tuesday shows seems to be pretty good so far.

      • mrdapper says:

        i’ll keep these things in mind. next time i make a poster in five minutes. behind my bosses back. looking not so much at the screen as over my shoulder. not realizing there were poster police out there i had to please.

      • mrdapper says:

        hmmm. maybe i was reading too much vehemence in between the the lines of your original comment.

      • aporia says:

        i was *incredulous* is all

      • mrdapper says:

        i really don’t think it’s that big a deal either way. some people don’t think you should use references in record reviews either. i’m a big fan of references when they’re more or less accurate. saves processing time when i’m reading. sounds like Eagles? okay i don’t have to read any further. anyway, i took the quote from something someone wrote about them on the internet somewhere.

        i can’t believe no one told me sunshine funeral were playing last tuesday. mel and i were quite upset (she wanted to see jessica) about the lack of promo on that show.

      • aporia says:

        yeah, i think the first i heard of it was when i saw neil at the bus stop on tuesday afternoon.

      • mrdapper says:

        marcus said something about the cambie screwing up on the posters. as in not printing them or something.

  2. bootybrown says:


    You’re a Timothy Dalton fan, so you should know where that comes from.

  3. ms_dirtnap says:

    Well, the top’s still a little heavy. You could just ditch the bottom name, move the whole thing down and expand the red background on the upper name so that it isn’t so squished. Or put the venue and date at the bottom, but still move it all down a tiny bit. But that’s enough graphic critique from this know-not-much.

    • ms_dirtnap says:

      Bet you’re glad now that we didn’t work on the Nav at the same time. Wee-ooo-weee-oooo (that’s my graphic design police siren. I should use it on our current graphic designer, but you are funner to tease.)

      • mrdapper says:

        So long as you didn’t stand directly behind me and ask me questions like Krippendorf.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        I just stand behind and watch… and comment… and ask questinos. Where else is one to stand to observe what’s going on??

      • mrdapper says:

        the business manager’s office is an acceptable distance.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        But that requires an art director that will actualy be creative, pay attention to what pictures go with what articles, and make something interesting. (ouch)

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        Those biting remarks were to imply that perhaps you could be trusted, but who I work with right now can’t be.

      • mrdapper says:

        yeah, it would have made sense for me to be part of the hiring process.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        “questinos” I like that slip. Little spanish, masculin questions. But I just came back to add that I often just wait ’till she’s done then go in and change it to how I want it to be, because usually she says my ideas can’t be done, but does nothing else instead, and when I try my ideas they work fine.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        And this is NOT to say that my ideas are always good, nor that what is there is my idea. Oh blah. I would prefer to just have a great art director I could trust. I’d love to relinquish all layout control, and still like the look of the paper. hmmm, I may have opened up a can of worms for myself here. We have hired someone who seems enthusiastic and capable for next year, but then our current AD must have seemed all that to JK at one time.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        Not a good sign when I am replying to my own comments over an over again.

  4. newcleus says:

    Just a suggestion — next time you wanna compare one thing to something else why not use there term with balls? I find its pretty apt.

    Here, let’s try: Helena Arlock is like Bjork…with balls. There, isn’t that more enticing?

    Just adding to the absurdism.

  5. carnivorissa says:

    why are your posters so cool? you rock.

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