Goin’ off the rails on a Crazytrain

~ Weeks like this really test your resolve. In fact really test your assumption you have a resolve. And test your assumptions in general. Maybe it’s the spring but the grass on that side of the fence over there is looking greener all the time. And the grass on this side more and more shrivelled by rays of insanity radiating from above. Supposed to get friday off at least… Maybe I can work friday with the building all to myself and get the Ramshackle friday off instead.

~ Speaking of which, I began working on my Babel set for Ramshackle and I feel slightly less convinced it’s all going to go to hell in a basket of hands.

~ I love how Facebook is taking over people’s lives like a fungus. It blows my mind that those ‘gifts’ which are limited to 100,000 actually sell out. That’s $100,000 USD in their coffers several times over a month. This is insanity. I mean actual lunacy. I mean it’s stupid beyond comprehension. I mean how do I get in on this action?

~ Helena Arlock is coming to the Cambie on Tuesday April 17th. It’s going to be simply awesome. Either Urbane Decay or Sister Ray is going to be playing with her (and I believe his name is Gustav.) The Urbane Decay are booked but seems to me Sister Ray would fit better. Having trouble getting a hold of MAMH to discuss this though. I wonder if someone can email me his cell #.  See below for Helena:

Sagittarius Horoscope for week of April 5, 2007

“One of my readers, Native American Ruth McLeod, reports that she has never mentioned the Easter Bunny to her young kids. Instead, she tells them about the Easter Coyote, the fun-loving, mischief-making spirit of spring whose job it is to hide goodies and play tricks, thereby lightening people’s moods and getting them to take themselves less seriously. I expect that you’ll soon be getting multiple visits from the Easter Coyote, Sagittarius. Prepare to shed the heaviness left over from March as you welcome amusing interruptions that will tweak your perspective in ways that make you smarter. “

This sounds like trouble to me.

Speaking of trouble: 60 questions… might edit this down some…

1. Is anyone mad at you?

3. Who’s the first person you’d call if you won the lottery?
BC lottery commision or whatever it’s called.

4. Do you have a fish tank in your house?
No, but a fish aircraft carrier, yes.

6. Do you delete people on MySpace when you’re mad at them?
I delete them when they post too many bulletins.

10. Who do you trust the most?

13. Do you forgive people easily?
I don’t think anyone ever really forgives anyone.

14. What did you do today?
Worked, groceried, listened to music, internetted.

15. Last person to IM you?

16. Last person to comment you?
Makito on facebook

18. Could you find an umbrella in your house if you needed one?
If I was a wizard who could make one appear.

19. Last song you heard?
“Scenic World” ~ Beruit

21. Are you wearing a belt?
Yes. It might need a new hole though.

24. Last thing you broke?
Guitar  patch-cord.

25. Do you smoke?
When slimmy-jimmied.

26. Last present you received?
uh… valentines cup-cakes?

27. Anything on you hurt?
neck is stiff.

29. Quote something:
“Love is alive to evil.”
-Agatha Christie

30. Ever do something really awful to someone?
I’ve done several awful things to a few people.

31. Last thing you ate?
marshmallow bunny

32. Plans for tomorrow?
work… sister ray practice

33. Anyone in the room with you?

34. Miss anyone?
Yes. In a normal, socially acceptable way in a normal, socially acceptable amount.

35. Know someone that’s lying to you?
If they’re a bad liar or their lie is just ridiculous.

36. Walmart, Kmart, or Target?

38. Anything you wish you were doing right now?
Spending the millions I won in the aforementioned lotto.

39. Talking to anyone right now?
Kinda busy doing this survey, thanks.

41. Whose birthday is next?
Apparently Nikki D’s

42. Next time you plan on drinking?
Tomorrow. Long weekend whooo…hoo?

43. Fondest memory of your childhood?
Probably making that movie.

44. What are you compulsive about?
Recording / writing music.

45. Anything you’d change that happened in the last 2 weeks?
Can I go back further than 2 weeks? Because yes, yes there is.

46. Markers or crayons?
Oil paint stick. Amateurs.

48. Do you have any big summer plans for 2007?
Uh. Disappear.

51. Could you live without a computer?
I could thrive.

52. If you could live in any past time period, where would it be?
Early 70’s America, Pre-WWII Berlin

53. Do you drink enough water?
Yes, hot.  With coffee beans in it.

54. Are you photogenic?
If I’m posing. Candid is not so nice to me.

55. What is the most beautiful language?

56. Is a flat stomach important to you?
I believe we all need stomachs to digest our food and live.

57. Do you believe in magic?
Magic markers.

58. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn’t real?
I think I always suspected it.

60. What do you do when you’re sad?
Go about my day as usual but just grunt at my co-workers instead of pretending to enjoy their jokes.


4 Responses to Goin’ off the rails on a Crazytrain

  1. mollyroyal says:

    you get to give one present for free, then it costs you. i dont know why anyone would actually pay for one though…i didnt know that and gave my free gift away, and poor matt wanted a sandwich..oops

  2. ms_dirtnap says:

    I noticed the buy sell and trade is looking for a layout artist. 4 day work weeks… Slightly less creative than hydroponics, perhaps.
    I considered applying, but my body has told me in no uncertain terms that a sitting job is not OK for it.

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