in vino veritas

~ So apparently my suspicions are true and that Urbane Decay set at the apartment show actually did brand me as undateable by all the women in Nanaimo and possibly elsewhere. A little while ago someone suggested to me that I have a “pathological” need to isolate myself from people. Though I originally scoffed at this theory, as I generally yearn for companionship, I’m beginning to suspect it’s perhaps uncomfortably accurate.

Apparently I also have a reputation for being “girl crazy” which I have no idea how I acquired. I seriously don’t think I’m any more girl crazy than the next chronically single guy. Really, I’ve only been interested in three girls in the past year. I don’t think that’s crazy at all. It just gets lonely living in an apartment with no one but a cat to talk to. Which actually is crazy. I don’t really talk to my cat. Okay, I do, but I don’t have conversations with my cat. That’d be crazy. Well, okay, not long conversations. Not ones where I actually believe she’s answering me. Which she does. But I have no idea what she’s saying. Because she’s a cat and I’m not crazy enough to believe I understand her incomprehensible cat-babbling. Cat owners will know what I’m talking about. Anyone who claims they don’t have tete-a-tetes with their cat when they’re alone is stone-cold lying to you. Right to your face.

On a brighter note, someone who I thought  thinks I’m a douche, apparently does not. .

~ Speaking of The Urbane Decay, I totally bailed on the after-party somewhat without telling the host. Who was slammy-jammied last I saw him and maybe didn’t notice. I was going to head back and tell him we were bailing but after packing up the car there were too many talking shadows hanging around so I just fled the scene. Leaving Jamie or Nate to do the dirty work. Which is highly out of character for me. I like to think. But this is probably another misconception I have about myself.

~ It was Nick‘s Liberty Party at the Vancouver Ave house celebrating the day he was supposed to get married. We managed to drink an entire crate of wine. As in twelve bottles. By maybe eight people. My brain can’t actually process how this was achieved without disaster ensuing. It was, I felt, a rather positive experience.


32 Responses to in vino veritas

  1. aporia says:

    re: undateable.
    what did you expect the reaction to be? 🙂

    re: girl crazy.
    you are, that’s totally accurate. i think when you say three girls you’re applying some sort of intensity filter or something.

    re: douche.
    i think you are generally well-liked by everyone. ‘cept ed. and you can get on my nerves, of course.

    re: crate of wine

    • mrdapper says:

      re: what did you expect the reaction to be? 🙂
      i have no idea. i think i thought people would find it entertaining.

      re: i think when you say three girls you’re applying some sort of intensity filter or something.
      bwhat??? i don’t get this image of me at all. intensity filter?!?! what the eff? i can only asume everone else i know is considered girl crazy as well.

      re: ‘cept ed. and you can get on my nerves, of course.
      and chris clark

      you should have gotten on that train. it had no brake!!!

      • aporia says:

        girls can simultaneously find you entertaining and see a giant red flag waving over your shoulder. and i bet i could name more than three crushes with a little trial and error. we can save that game for the next time i run into you at a party.

        i would’ve gladly gotten on the train…
        but i was worrying about school and feeling like being alone and flatbed was not the miracle headache cure i would’ve expected (ha!) and i just wasn’t poised for fun that night.

      • mrdapper says:

        the only way Flatbed can cure a headache isby actually beating you unconscious.

        yes, lets play the name jake’s crushes game at the next party.

  2. dorothypoo says:

    ive actually also thought you were generally pretty girl crazy too
    im not sure why
    i mean….if i were to compare you to anyone
    i dunno
    you and matt are single right?
    but it seems matt dates more girls
    but i would never think he was girl crazy

    way it goes i guess

    • mrdapper says:

      yeah, he pulls it off somehow. it’s probably because he doesn’t write songs about it.

      • aporia says:

        i think it’s because he goes on dates so he’s not “crazy” so much as “ladies’ man”

      • dorothypoo says:

        you think chelsea might be on to something here
        you are more of a creepy stalker type who crushes on girls and only flirts on the internet
        and matt goes on dates (apparently, i dont really know)

        i think the internet gives you some strange confidence to crush on more girls than you would normally

      • mrdapper says:

        thanks katherine. you always know the right thing to say.

      • dorothypoo says:

        im just kidding

        you’re a CATCH!

        but seriously, im just kidding. well, i mean its true but its not creepy. that was the joking the part.

        you obviously still hate me

      • mrdapper says:

        hahahaha. i think the internet is the bane of our frienship as we both employ slightly nasty deadpan humour which doesn’t translate online none too well. i wasn’t actually upset about being called creepy. too much. as i assumed you were joking. mostly.

    • mrdapper says:

      i don’t even think i flirt with girls anymore.

  3. pandorsalfin says:

    I wouldn’t say you’re any girl crazier than anyone else… but you crush easy. You’re like me. 😀

  4. bootybrown says:

    We should start a terminally single club. We can call it ” 😦 “

  5. ghosty_toast says:

    this sounds like me only opposite gender, except add bitterness and indignation.
    and while i talk to the roommate’s cat, i hate that pussy.

  6. atrophe says:

    I thought emotional songwriters complaining about their girl problems had unlimited emo groupies.

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