Ramshackle 2007

Ramshackle 2007 Handbill
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

What I did at work today. The Ramshackle handbill. If you go to the Mermaid’s Mug Shack Records Acoustic Night (tonight at about 7pm) you may see it in all its B/W glory. I forgot to put “Pins of Light” on the top. Oops. I’ll fix that on the poster.

10 Responses to Ramshackle 2007

  1. where the hell is the Mermaid’s mug anyway? I’ve been meaning to go in there for a while.

  2. dorothypoo says:

    what gives?

  3. ms_dirtnap says:

    I was thinking after I saw the posters that my set is not so much a noise experiment as I’d thought it might end up being. It’s some pretty straight-up low-fi freak folk, though it may be sandwhiched between a bit of noise. I still lament I can’t play three instruments at once.

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