Zap! Zap!

~ I’m driving the freaking Lazer today. Kai seems to think he has a better chance of getting rid of his “N” in my Acclaim. Which has working turn signals and a headrest that doesn’t entirely block your rear-view. It’s kind of fun driving a strange car.

~ There was the strangest show on CHLY this morning. The host had this stand-up bass player on talking about his bass and it was exactly like Mr. Rogers. It was bizarre. I’m thinking “What’s going on here?” And he kept saying things like, “Joe Walsh — you’ll have to ask your mom or grandma who that is.”  I thought that was a little weird and condescending the way he qualified every reference he or his guest made with “ask your grandma who that is.” Also he went on a really long birthdays update which I was really hoping wasn’t something all the shows (or specifically Pins of Light) were going to have to start doing. So I check the schedule when I get to work and it’s this guy.

~ Boss just came into the room scat-singing “I’m a little tea-pot.”

~ Ramshackle 2007 line-up:
DWE (acoustic!) Partli Cloudi Babel Dirtnap KV Heavy Water


44 Responses to Zap! Zap!

  1. Can I be K.V.? Or I guess just VOSPER (like FLATBED) would be nice.

  2. I failed that motherfucking test, by the way. 50 goddamn dollars for nothing. 50 bucks. It’s appalling.

    I like your car by the way.

    • I should have re-read that. I said by the way too many times.

    • mrdapper says:

      How?!? You’re one of the more consciencious drivers I’ve been in a car with.

    • they totally have a quota for how many people they fail. it’s a corrupt system.

      • Totally. The whole thing is a sham. I’m better than 90% of the drivers on the road that have a class 5 license. They all passed their test by playing the necessary role. That does not mean they are good drivers. This is stupid. Everything is stupid.

      • sophitchka says:

        Rocket scientists aren’t stupid. Neither are rainbows.

      • Sorry, no. They fall under the everything umbrella.

        You’re in Victoria, right? Do you have any job/room finding tips?

      • mrdapper says:

        Dude, you should read her entries about finding an apartment.

      • sophitchka says:

        -Check craigslist on a hourly basis
        -google: “apartment for rent in victoria bc” and you should find websites for the property management companies, which update pretty regularly
        -check the uvic website off-campus housing section. it’s pretty good.
        -check daily..these listings go pretty fast though cause it’s a national site
        -re: jobs…see above re: craigslist
        -check times colonist
        -check monday magazine (sometimes you’ll find stuff in there that isn’t in any other newspaper)
        -check bc and federal government job opportunities websites (how I landed my job)

      • Cool, I already do most of those daily, but I’ll push it up to hourly.
        I’ve never heard of Monday magazine though, I’ll check it out.

      • mrdapper says:

        What exactly did you do wrong? You didn’t tip them did you?

      • No, I made a couple of mistakes. I changed lanes from a right-turn only lane into the other lane, without realizing that I had gone too far too do that. So I crossed the white line. It was safe and all, but still wrong.

        And then I apparently was lax with my shoulder checks when making right-hand turns. They were fine everywhere else, but my attention to pedestrians was lacking. I would looks once or twice, but then not again, and he said in that time a roller-blader or person on a scooter or whathaveyou could have come up.

      • mrdapper says:

        Huh. They are pretty tough about the shoulder checks. But I sped in a school zone and was okay.

      • mdrayner says:

        I was lucky. I mentioned that I was travelling to Italy, and the person testing me just talked about Italy the entire time. There are some grumpy mothefuckers out there though, and I guess you got one of them.

      • mrdapper says:

        Yeah, you gotta figure out what their weakness is and exploit it. I got the guy who did my test stoned and it was smoooooth sailing.

      • That’s the frustrating thing, he was really nice. We talked about Bing Crosby. So I can’t even call him an asshole and be done with it.

      • mrdapper says:

        He was a sneaky secret asshole. That’s what I’m calling him.

  3. i’m not familiar with “heavy water.” if this is someone’s exploito hard rock ripoff/cover band, i’ll be extremely jealous.

    • mrdapper says:

      No, it’s Brent McShemming. It’s some old blues reference or something. I suspect not exploito hard rock at all. Which would be awesome now that I think of it.

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