Go team… wooo…

~ Good news for Team Sales is always bad news for Team Production. It’s simply a mathematical law. A law which can be used to predict if Pentti and I are going to cheer with joy at every Sales victory or put our heads down on our desks. It’s hard to build morale in a company where different departments have completely divergent goals. 

~ Our new book-keeper quit after one shift. She asked Lisa if Crazytrain “yells all the time” and then never came back.

~ I got enough Bark Haze in the mail to kill a horse. 

~ I’m beginning to have fun on Facebook. But don’t tell anyone because I still think it’s pointless. Not quite pointless — it’s entirely designed for entertaining people with too much time on their hands (or need to be distracted from stress) at their office jobs. My favourite, even more than writing bogus “how we met” testimonials, is watching people add and delete bands from their favourite music lists within half an hour.


8 Responses to Go team… wooo…

  1. bootybrown says:

    How did we meet in 1999 and go to pre-school together?!?! It’s a lovely continuity error of life.

  2. ms_dirtnap says:

    There’s a very current video of AM/TM on the Ecstatic Peace website. Nice to see a friend rocking with an idol.

  3. mdrayner says:

    I got the Bark Haze LP. I just need to pick it up from work!

  4. aporia says:

    looks like your office is also hiring a receptionist. i came across an ad.

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