~ Last night I went for a walk and got lost. I found this “public walkway” I’d never seen before and decided to explore it. After it petered out into nothing except darkness and the sounds of dampness, and I was convinced I was going to trip over Laura Palmer’s body wrapped in plastic at any minute, I found my way back to the road. This is where I got lost. I wasn’t actually lost it turned out but I’d somehow gotten by bearings flipped around I was convinced I was walking in a direction other than I really was. When I was suddenly on the corner of Vancouver Ave and Rosehill, I figured out where I was. Okay, maybe I’d had a few glasses of wine before leaving the house.

~ I bought new clothes today. It’s a pretty rare occurrence for me. Yearly, at best. In fact, it’s been over a year. I should maybe buy clothes more often.


12 Responses to Prowl

  1. pandorsalfin says:

    Oooh, new clothes! Sexy clothes?

    • mrdapper says:

      what? um, no just normal clothes. jeans. a new stripey jumper. a jacket off a sale rack though which is smokin’ hot brown cord. but they all fit as opposed to being too baggy. my green jumper looks like a dress these days.

  2. dorothypoo says:

    the last time i remember you buying clothes was when your mom took you shopping when we were all still in Mal. so yeah…you should go shopping more.

  3. ms_dirtnap says:

    what do you mean when you say jumper? Because when I hear jumpe, I think if something between overalls and a babies one-piece outfit. ANd I am sure you mean neither of these. Did I tell you I almost bought you a sweater once, but then quickly relaized that that would be vauguely inappropriate. (never mind my spelling)

    • mrdapper says:

      jumper = sweater in anglo-speak. the first time (english) Russ used the term, i was baffled for half a conversation.

    • mrdapper says:

      and, yes, you did tell me that once. i acknowledged the in appropriateness and regretted the lack of jumper.

      • ms_dirtnap says:

        It was striped too. But the only reason I’m on livejournal right now is to find Ken somewhere in all of this and tell him he’s the asshole, for making me feel for a moment that maybe I really am an asshole. And also to apologize to him if he really did think I was an asshole. But I can’t find him right now, and feel that I need to get over my need to make those guys understand that 1) I am actually a friendly and non judgmental person (which I bet they know and were just teasing me) and 2) that I just made that comment about his hair because I imagined that he must always get that so did it deliberately to tease him, which I bet he also knows so is moot, and 3) that in another level of equal truth, I don’t know Ken or Dave that well, nor they me, and so despite the end result being a rediculous argument about maybe I’m an asshole or maybe they are, and who’s gay or no one is and it may be amusing if not relevant, I was glad for the chance to have something to talk about to both of them, and if I never said Hi to Ken it was only because I was shy, and felt a bit awkward at his party with a bunch of kids, and by that I mean people, I don’t really know. Because for me, my real life is with my kids, and by that I mean my offspring, and everything and everyone else is a strange externality. And while I may seem like a perfectly normal adult and all, I’m insecure too, just like everyone else. But I am posting this all on your livejournal, though I was trying to say it to Ken, so this is all moot. moot.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ken wouldn’t have that hair if he didn’t want people to comment on it.


      • Anonymous says:

        These pretzels are making me thirsty.

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