Those pesky Kiwis!

~ A few years ago I thought Vampirates was a great concept for a movie. Then Pirates of The Caribean came out. I had even written out a treatment which ended up being almost exactly the same except with vampire instead of zombie pirates. Oh, well, one idea scuttled by hollywood being more on the ball than I am.

Then last year I thought Zombeef (about genetically enhanced, mad-cow infected zombie cows running amok) would be a totally capital A for awesome idea. Even better than Vampirates. It turns out Black Sheep has beat me to the punch. 

All that’s left is the damn Ninjas vs. Bears movie.


32 Responses to Those pesky Kiwis!

  1. What about road pirates?

  2. mdrayner says:

    You should direct Ninjas Vs. Bears and enter it into film competitions. Then the Hollywood film companies will kneel at feet and shower you in millions.

  3. johnnysega says:

    robo-coons vs. robo-pomegranates

  4. ms_dirtnap says:

    Unfortunately, this public avoidance technique doesn’t work so well with less frequent posters.

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