“Somebody in Port Alberni did something and God doesn’t like them no more.”

~ I thought bringing a bass to jam with Thread on Pins of Light would be a good idea. Turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. 

~ Had a photo shoot for the Urbane Decay Crushed EP last night. Due to overwhelming positive response (well, four compliments), I also added Love Crush back to the track-listing. Jamie has called the EP “aaaaaaaaaawesome!” But then I remembered I told her “Only tell me it’s good because that’s the 10th version of the master and my head will explode if you tell me one of the guitar parts is too loud.” 

~ Went up to see my parents and the estate to witness the carnage of the apocalypse. It’s pretty crazy out there in the Coombs area. And the destruction in the forest on the other side of the creek was impressive. We decided the woods needed cleaning-up anyway as things were getting too dark and looming. Then we had coffee and we gossiped about the family. Then, after a half-hour of not not very well disguised impatience, they got around to what they really wanted to talk about and  grilled me about women.

~ Today I’m wearing my “skinny jeans” and they’re kind of baggy.


26 Responses to “Somebody in Port Alberni did something and God doesn’t like them no more.”

  1. pandorsalfin says:

    how are you losing all this weight???

  2. pandorsalfin says:

    how are you losing all this weight???

  3. mrdapper says:

    Light exercise (pretty damn light — some drumming and walking) and sticking to my “no crap foods diet”…

  4. mrdapper says:

    Though I should point out “skinny jeans” was in quotes for a reason. A not actually skinny reason.

  5. pandorsalfin says:

    what qualifies as a crap food? I think my entire diet may consist of it.

  6. mrdapper says:

    Refined sugar, yeast breads, gluton, dairy, fried anything, processed meats.

  7. pandorsalfin says:

    yep. No wonder I’m getting tubby.

  8. mrdapper says:

    for $29.99 i’ll send you my complete crap-foods-how-to-not-eat guide.

  9. pandorsalfin says:

    does it come with a free carrot peeler?

  10. mrdapper says:

    No. But the Juicer-Reducer comes free of charge.

  11. ninjaj says:

    If you throw in a second Juicer-Reducer for half price, I’m sold!

  12. mrdapper says:

    Unfortunately, due to the tremendous demand for the Juicer-Reducer, we are already down to our last dozen units and they are already spoken for. Fortunately, the Juicer-ReducerXL will be made available in the new year and, as an added bonus, the PeelerPro dicer/mixer/peeler/slicer will be yours for no extra charge.

  13. I only use the Fruit Fucker 2000.

  14. mrdapper says:

    You’re picking up some bawdy language on the continent!

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