“One likes ham, the other likes gravy”

» If you’re a “delightful” woman and you tell my dad you’re my friend, apparently he’ll tell you I am “between girlfriends.” It’s nice to know your folks are looking out for you.

» There were a dozen or more trees blown down on my parents’ property. I’m thinking of checking out the carnage tomorrow morning. As expected, my dad didn’t really want my help today with clearing the debris. It’s nice to know your folks still think you’re 12.

»  The previous week at work I thought I was going to strangle myself with my mouse cable — the culmination of boredom and frustration. But by the end of this week I found a renewed enthusiasm for the job. Or at least, a renewed appreciation. Or at worst, a renewed resignation.  About five people this week asked me if I’m planning on moving to Victoria (why there is this constant fascination with the prospect of me moving to Victoria, I don’t know).  Last week I would have said, “Yes, that resumé’s getting dusted off like a mantle-clock.” This week I found myself more hesitant, yet intrigued.

» That folk revival scene at the Vault last night was something else. Folkies really laugh at even the most banal banter. Which I remember from the Errington Hall open mic nights — I could really lay down the schmarm which I can be shamefully good at when I want. But, ultimately, so much acceptance and appreciation makes me feel like I’ve stumbled into a cult meeting. I could only take two songs of that adorable, awkward kid with the butter-smooth guitar playing before wrapping my scarf around my face and heading back into the rainy night.

»  Photo session tomorrow for the Urbane Decay EP. Which, of course, I’ve been remixing all day.


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