~ On Monday I pulled some muscle in my lower back getting out of the bath. This morning I pinched a nerve in my left shoulder getting out of bed. The lesson I’m taking from this is to stay in a pose of relaxation for longer periods.

~ Still tinkering with the mix on the Urbane Decay EP. Because I’m like that. Either OCD or a perfectionist. Had to redo the drum track of one song last night because I felt the hi-hats weren’t compressed enough. Also I’ve become a much better drummer in the last month. This is all a moot point really as the vocal pre-amp setting I used on the earlier sessions has added un-de-essable sibilants I’ll just have to live with. Anyway, one track got debuted around midnight on The Playlist (CHLY) last night  —  “Internet Girls” because the the theme of their show was on MySpace and I reference MySpace in the song.

~ When I was in the shower this morning (for the first time, due to the nerve, lamenting the loss of the massaging showerhead) I missed a parcel delivery. Lame.

~ Pet Shop Boys have consistently made ALL their best tracks of the last two years b-sides and non-album singles. Fundamental has some pretty good songs but the b-sides rank with their best classic material. What’s going on over there in the PSB camp? Who’s driving this train?

I’m not sure how picking coloured cubes can assess my mental state with the dead-on accuracy of a gypsy fortune-teller.
 Pick cubes and get your mind blown

“You are striving for a life full of activity and experience and, perhaps even more, an environment where you would be able to forge a close bond with a person who can offer full emotional fulfilment.

You are finding the present situation extremely demanding and you’re having difficulty coping with it. A great deal of strain is involved and you would really like everyone and everything to leave you alone for a while, just so that you can put everything into perspective.

Matters are not progressing as well as you would have hoped and you are having to make concessions – but you still believe that your goals are realistic it’s just that people can’t seem to see your point of view. You know what you want but you’ll only accept suggestions under duress.

You are frustrated and stressed. You appreciate the finer things in life but at all times you appear to stay aloof, critical of everything and everyone about you. You will not be carried away by your emotions and you refuse to trust anyone or any situation unless genuineness and integrity can be absolutely vouched for. Therefore, you keep a strict and watchful control on your feelings as you must know exactly where you stand at all times. You demand complete sincerity as a protection against your own tendency to be too trusting.

You really would like to be completely uninhibited – to let your hair down – but you are held back by your sense of logic and rationalilty, since you realise that by simple stupidity you could lose everything – whatever that may be.”


This one has been trimmed of questions involving bungee jumping, tattoos, seasons, ice cream preferences and all the other redundant and banal survey stand-bys. And you know what? It’s a lot shorter. You know what else? It’s still redundant and banal.

Cut your own hair?
Exclusively. A girl at work just spent $400 in Vancouver to get her hair straightened. I’m not so much into laying down that kind of lettuce for a coiffure.
Skipped school?
Once in grade nine. To practice with my band: SHADOW. We played “Living After Midnight” and… other songs.
Punched someone?
What kind of beast do you take me for?
Cheated on a test?
I have no idea. Those days were long ago. I probably did. Though I didn’t really need to. I would have done it for the challenge.
Been arrested?
For stealing a Boston tape from Woodwards when I was 14.
Broken into someone’s house?
Broke into my old elementary school when I was in junior high and stole gallons of white glue.
Been Rejected?
Define “rejected”
Been to a funeral?
Yeah. There’s a post about that somewhere.
Been on stage?
I used to perform in a theatre sports troupe in Qualicum.

A.M. (but which one… ooooh! tricky)
“Everyone Else in The World” Stina Nordenstam
Phoenix. Cuomo is kind of a douche.
Name for a son
Name for a daughter

Coffee or Capp.?
A cappuccino is coffee. And why is that abrev’d? Anyway, I take my coffee dark and bitter, like my soul.
Long relationships or one-night stands?
Unrequited multi-generational epics.
Scary movies or comedies?
Borat was kind of scary in a way.
Short or long hair on the opposite sex?
Depends on the shape of their face. A pixie cut on the wrong girl is… quite tragic.
Croutons or bacon bits
Both ruin salads.

Drank a glass of water?
I need a new Brita filter and when the rains come, the pipes in the building get all musky smelling. So… no.
Used drugs?
This hippy brought cookies to the station in sunday and I’m pretty sure I got stoned off them.
Looked in the mirror?
Well, I’m not a vampire.
Told someone you love them?
In deviously subtle ways!
Watched a football game on tv?
I actually watched some with Andrew on Sunday morning. I was impressed with the graphics they stick on the field that look like they’re actually chalked on the field. The players even run over top of them! Witchery!


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