Slow weekend for spam

Today’s spam round up:

“Good day,

I am ready to kill myself and eat my dog, if medicine prices here [dodgy link removed] are bad.
Look, the site and call me 1-800 if its wrong..”

~ I apreciate that kind of dedication in a spammer. And the idea of a dog-eating spam zombie is intriguing.  

“Growth stoocks that make your bottom line handsome Save time and money by using professional stocck advice.
Most reliable methods of sttock analysis increasing your bottom line
Lastt seveeral dayss this stock was fallingg down annd it is time to bbuy now, because it is gooing to expplode on Friday. It is undereestimated greatly. You see the Voolume is increeasing, tthat means investors buuy cheeap stoock.”

~ Nothing says reliable like creative spelling


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