Ohhhh… that’s what he said…

~  All these posts with that  iTunes meme make me wish I was able to load iTunes on this computer just to do that meme. I do have it on my work computer, but it just has Stars and Madonna.  That’s not a very diverse soundtrack.  Though I dare say, I’d hire Stars to score a movie.

~  The fireworks last night were… odd. There was no rhythm to them. Seemed very hap-hazzard like they had a monkey at the controls. I did enjoy how when we were converging on the statue of Black Frank, it looked exactly like the opening scene of The Warriors.  Though the Jell-O shooters might have had something to do with that impression.

~  Apparently I got the phone message wrong last night, oops. I honestly didn’t hear the “at midnight” part.  It did result in me taking a drunken phone call form Dave at the MGM. So that was fun. I guess.


4 Responses to Ohhhh… that’s what he said…

  1. newcleus says:

    I love references to The Warriors

  2. newcleus says:

    I love references to The Warriors

  3. mrdapper says:

    You would have liked the chorus of “CAN YOU DIG IT, SUCKAS?” my observation prompted.

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