Been shopping the last few days. Yesterday I forgot I was going to buy pants. Since I only own one pair of pants these days. The pants I bought for my Grandfather’s funeral which I call my “funeral pants.” So I had to go out again today.

Yesterday I had to buy a new bulb for my left headlight. I was hoping replacing it would also magically make my non-functioning left turn-signal operational. It did not. So I’m still driving around only able to turn right, which takes forever to get anywhere. Actually, I do turn left still. But without any warning.

Also, I went to Chapters to find an actually “beginners'” book on electronics since the ones I took out of the lending library have page long algebraic and boolean equasions. I was hoping for a “dummies guide” but they didn’t have one. They did have the Dummies Guide to Nanotechnology which made me laugh. Seriously, can you just casually get into nanotechnology? I did find a book on electronics after all. One that had blazened on the cover: “A minimum of math” in bold lettering. This one is for me, I said.

Today I went out to buy the pants I forgot to buy yesterday. I did so despite being shaped in such a manner that mass produced pants are not shaped in. Nothing makes you feel more dwarfish than being reminded they do not make pants wide and/or short enough to fit properly.

I also put a down-payment on a MicroKorg at Arbutus music (they are out of stock until mid-week). I didn’t really mean to, it just happened.

6 Responses to Shoppin’

  1. aporia says:

    another music toy you didn’t tell me about!

  2. aporia says:

    another music toy you didn’t tell me about!

  3. mrdapper says:

    I did tell you about the $19 Canadian Tire boom-box I bought! Improvement.

  4. aporia says:

    oh you weren’t in trouble, i was just feeling left out

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