Tonight we celebrate x-mas eve.

December 22, 2005

The Credit Union automatic doors only open halfway. I slam into them EVERY single time.

I have a present for Ken. I might drop ot off on the way to the airport.

Steve wasn’t aware it was my last day of work. He’s aware now. He gave me a mad fat christmas bonus too. After seeming to grumble about giving me my vacation pay on my last cheque. Strangely frugal and generous at the same time.

Now we watch Nightmare Before Christmas.

Invitiation of sorts

December 22, 2005

It’s my final ever shift at Fascinating Rhythm tomorrow. Come on down if you’re inclined! I don’t imagine it’ll be that special. Or fun. But it’s my last day! Whoo-hoo!

Some amusing links posted by other people in various places.

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December 20, 2005

Nope. Not enough time. People were lined up out the door at Delicados. In fact, I had no time to get food anywhere. Because the gaslight on my car went on and there was a line up at the gas station too.

Chipo chipo chipo

December 20, 2005

I wonder if anyone I know has a account.

Today work seems less like a bad deal than it did on Friday. Perhaps talking to Rick, over dinner at Pho’s, about his life has something to do with that. Saw Lebischnig and Pam there too. Awkward hellos and goodbyes. Pam ignored my existence. The poor 13 year old waitress got molested by this creepy patron who was with his equally shell-shocked asian exchange student. Probably should have intervened. In some manner.

I’m wondering if I have time on my lunchbreak to go to Avalon Cinemas (to buy gift certificates) and possibly… deli-ma-cados. Mmmm chipotle.

I wonder how long a lunch break I can get away with today. I wonder…

I need to buy them a card as well. Them being my parents. I wonder…

Too early.

December 19, 2005

The Metrics reunion went better than expected. Rick and I are always on some kind of wavelength. I think maybe a saw wave.

Chelsea and I are up ungodly early so that I can drop her off at school before heading into the office. Then parents’ house for dinner right after work. Should have planned that for a different night.

Ghetto cat laser

December 17, 2005

Today no customers tried to drop their drawers. That makes for a long day. That and forgetting your coffee on the kitchen table. Soon it’ll all be over.

– – – –

I have an extra laser pointer now. I’m wondering how crazy I drive a cat with two laser pointers.

– – – –

Another person from Meth Manor called today saying they had one of our cats. I instructed her to release the cat. People in that building are really proactive about taking in potentially stray cats. I have a suspicion that if they call the number on the stray animal’s tag and no one answers, they plan on eating the cat or dog. Ah, the ghetto.

December 16, 2005

Fascinating Rhythm dialogue from Thursday:

Customer: Do you know where the nearest public washroom is?

Me: The bakery or the library.

Cust: I’m wearing sweatpants. I don’t want to have to pull them down all the way and bare-ass it in front of people to go pee–

Me: Well, the library–

Cust: [pulls sweats down part way] I had to do that at Woodgrove the other day. Someone was in the stall. So I had to drop my pants at the urinal–

Me: Yeah, or the bakery–

Cust: In front of people. I don’t want to have to do that.

Me: Yeah, no. The bakery has a washroom.


Rough day at the magazine. The discs we sent on Wednesday to the printers in Toronto were corrupt. So Jolene sent replacements yesterday but Purolator put them on the wrong truck. So they’re in some small town in Ontario now. This was a problem because we needed to get the bluelines couriered to the editors in Mexico by today but now they won’t get them until wednesday. Tuesday is our last day in the office.

Not that interesting a story. Perhaps because I left out the part where our receptionist asked the Purolator dispatcher if they smoked a bunch of crack before loading the vans and if they just mixed the packages up in a big vat with a stick. He blamed it on God.


Notes on Harry Potter.

I think it’s a fair cinematic rule that if you’re going to kill off a character and intend it to have any emotional resonance with the audience, said character needs to have more than four lines of dialogue leading up to his death. Seemed like a decent guy, can’t say, never got to know him.

The feud between Ron and Harry seemed ridiculously abbreviated. Ron seems to go from being mildly peeved to not speaking to harry with no intermediate stage or conflict. I suspect there is a lot of dialogue on the cutting room floor.

The sudden addition of more diverse cultural backgrounds for the students was laughably obvious. Especially adding an asian character and Irish character in one student.

They need to explain what happened to Voldemort’s nose and why, when he was regenerated, his nose wasn’t. I assume his DNA contains biological data for a nose. Unless he lost the nose in a magic battle that altered his DNA.

An why doesn’t Harry mention to anyone Lucius was in the Graveyard. Seemed significant to me. I guess should just keep my nose out of wizard business.


December 16, 2005

The Metrics are reforming to perform on Pins Of Light this Sunday 5-7pm, CHLY 101.7fm (Nanaimo area).

Out of creativity

December 14, 2005

I have 50 more minutes of work left. But I’m burnt out of creativity for the day. And the only task that’s left to me is to be “creative” with the new trade show brochure. Time to do “research” I think. Hello google. Should have taken a longer extended lunch.

Apparently I’ve cursed the office by putting my 2006 calendar up already.

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