X-mas eve update.

December 24, 2005

Watching It’s a Wonderful Life and noticing some freaky kitsch in this house. We just watched Exorcism of Emily Rose which had funtamental structural problems. I can’t decide if film-makers these days have not studied film or are purposely trying to not follow formula. The frame plot structure doesn’t work if you begin the story outside of the frame. These formulas have been developed for a reason, people, stick to them. You can’t invent a rounder wheel. Formula is the baby, not the bathwater.

X-mas eve.

December 24, 2005

Calgary is nice and flat. Sprawling even. Also, incredibly warm. We went on a walk and it was several degrees above zero. A nice warm breeze on my cheeks.

Chelsea is busily forming a plot to steal her mother’s cat. I’m trying to deter her. But I can’t keep my eyes on her at all times. I’d better check her bags before we leave this house.

I’ve met someone who actually listens to My Chemical Romance and The Used. They’re 12 or 13, which explains everything. I’m so out of touch with the youth. Successfully subverted the urge to preach about Joy Division and Bauhaus. Gotta let the youth have their own music.

For dinner I ate a microwaved bowl of shredded beef and gravy. Whatever will they think of next?

In Calgary

December 24, 2005

If I were a casting director, I would hang out in airports at Christmas. So many intense people. There was this one guy with a grown out Krishna/dread/fauxhawk that was yelping like a monkey and wasn’t let on the plane for some reason. Then he was saying to people around him, “Tom Waits, huh? Tom Waits, eh!” He appeared to be stoned or brain-damaged or challenged since birth. I suppose, you had be there.

The airport parking lot was full so they made us drive around looking for parking lot assistants who were hiding from the rain to lead us to a new fake parking lot. The assistants were very grumpy people.

It rained wicked hard on the drive down. It wasn’t fun.

We’re watching Pleasantville right now. And, looking out the window, I see that we appear to be located in Pleasantville. There’s a baseball diamond right out back. For serious. It’s kind of nice. Nanaimo is kind of disgusting.

Tonight we celebrate x-mas eve.

December 22, 2005

The Credit Union automatic doors only open halfway. I slam into them EVERY single time.

I have a present for Ken. I might drop ot off on the way to the airport.

Steve wasn’t aware it was my last day of work. He’s aware now. He gave me a mad fat christmas bonus too. After seeming to grumble about giving me my vacation pay on my last cheque. Strangely frugal and generous at the same time.

Now we watch Nightmare Before Christmas.

Invitiation of sorts

December 22, 2005

It’s my final ever shift at Fascinating Rhythm tomorrow. Come on down if you’re inclined! I don’t imagine it’ll be that special. Or fun. But it’s my last day! Whoo-hoo!

Some amusing links posted by other people in various places.

December 21, 2005



December 20, 2005

Nope. Not enough time. People were lined up out the door at Delicados. In fact, I had no time to get food anywhere. Because the gaslight on my car went on and there was a line up at the gas station too.

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