I maxxed.

Sounds like we’re going to Imax today.

I myself am maxxed-out. I have completely lost the ability to socialize. Turn me over, I am done. Actually, I was done at the end of the evening on boxing day. Now I can only think about how much I have to do when we get home. Stupid Ralph’s Essential Growth Solutions labels. I want to run away.

Yesterday we had dinner with Chelsea’s ex who is, sadly, not half as ridiculous as she made him sound. Whatever we were listening to in his and Chelsea’s buddy’s SUV though was . Perhaps Alexisonfire. Screamo, how you elude me.

+ + + +

Boxing Day episode:

Sitting at the bus stop at across from Art Central, homeless guy approaches me. I say, “No,” before he has a chance to say anything to me. I immediately think, “Damn, breach of etiquette.”

He glares at me and says, “I haven’t asked you anything yet.
I say, “Sorry, I can help you.”

He glares more intensely. I think, “Hmmm, going to get shivved here.”

He says, “How can you answer if I haven’t asked you anything yet. Can you give me seventy-seven cents?”

I say, “Sorry, don’t have any, can’t help you.”

He says, “When will you be able to help me?”

I say, “Sorry can’t help you out. Sorry.”

He says, “I said ‘when will you be able to help me out?'”

I say, “I have no idea.”

He smiles and chucks me on the shoulder then goes away. Cheslea says, “You can’t say ‘no’ before they’ve asked you. They get really mad.”

Saje, Chelsea’s twelve year old sister says, “When can we leave? Frankly, these people are scaring me.”

+ + + + +

Art Central was pretty cool, though most of the artists were taking the holidays off so 3/4ths of the galleries were closed. This one was open http://www.quab.ca and had some pretty amusing stuff in it. Most of it was very I, Braineater-esque with an urban flair. Most looked like industrial album covers circa 1994 in waiting. Still, a whole building full of tiny artist-in-residence galleries was a great idea.

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