A review of the Flatbed show for those who were not there.

August 7, 2005

The first band was called Ghettoblaster. The lead singer looked like a cross between Roberto Benigni and Gene Wilder, the keyboardist looked like a cross between David Helfgott and Glen Gould, the drummer looked like the Barenaked Ladies guy who isn’t Ed Robertson, the back-up singer like Sean Young with no bra and the bassist just looked like the guy from Korn. So the motley ensemble looked like this:

Their music though was quite a nice blend of early XTC and Weezer with a lot of Vancouver style baroque power-pop though tending towards the Coldplay at times. They were obviously taking it very seriously. They took their irony very seriously too.

We proved it only takes 13 minutes to clear the Cambie if you play your cards right. I was able to hear Teeb’s basslines clearly for the first time ever and I realized that what I was playing didn’t go AT ALL with what he was playing except for being possibly in the same key. So I altered my playing to more of a no-wave/noise thing and less of a Texas surf thing which I’d be playing in rehearsals.

Random Order were nice people but… toronto ska. They were three nearly identical bespeckled faux-hawked lesbians and one balding dude on trombone. I felt bad for them because they played for 2 people. One of which was a cracked-out girl in short-shorts and a too-tight tube top and the other her Fred Dursty looking pimp.

Apparently my interest in this is not unique

August 4, 2005

in depth info on this person’s blog:


and another blog says this:

“There I was, minding my own business watching Iron Chef America over the weekend, when all of a sudden I was bombarded with a brilliant advertisement for Urine Gone! Yes, I was watching a cooking show, and got an ad for a product that helps you remove those pesky urine stains and smells. Yum.

First, the fact that there is a product called Urine Gone is hilarious to me. Secondly, the commercial was SO bad that I had to laugh. They use a blacklight throughout the commercial to show urine, and to show it disappearing with a pull of the trigger. Kinda like the Va-poo-rize product in Envy.

Now the thing that REALLY got me was when they stated that you could remove urine from the following surfaces: Wood, Tile, Concrete, BLOOD, FECES and um, organic matter. SO, for those times that you want to remove that pesky urine smell from your blood stains, or from your pile of feces, Urine Gone is the product for you.

Just think, someone right now is a millionaire because of this thing…”

and another blog:

“SO. Apparently, there was a need for this commercial we just saw. Which I will get to in a second. If you have kids, or watch Nickelodean for any reason, you may have noticed they have fake commercials in which they hock various comical items, just as a buzzer to sound whenever you get tired, so you will have more hours in the day.

Well this commercial, we could have sworn it was one of these, but it wasn’t. This commercial, it was for urinegone. That’s right. URINE/GONE. And you know what? It beats the “leading” urine cleaner. There’s a LEADING urine cleaner?? OK. But that’s not it. If you call now, they will give you…. wait for it… a special blacklight…. so you can find those pesky urine stains wherever they may be. Some examples shown: kitchen counter, shower WALL, carpet. Come on people, you know URINE need of this. (ok, sorry)”

and ANOTHER blog:

“I just watched a commercial for a product called “Urine gone”. I shit you not, that’s exactly what it’s called. It eliminated urine stains and odors from pets. At least, that’s the gist of it. But without being too blunt they also say it eliminates people urine too. They show this stain on the toilet bowl under the amazing black light urine detector, and there’s this big splash down the side. But with one shot of Urine gone it vanishes! It’s amazing. So it helps with pet stains, and kid stains too. I’d hate to see the toilet under a black light after a week with Masons peeing habits. hah. But never fear, one shot of Urine gone and there’s no more urine!

I think the best part of the commercial was the two test tubes of urine that they compared the urine cleaning agents with. ”

an epidemic of blogging on this:

“I was at trivia the other night when I saw this ad. Up until now I’ve been convinced that the beer consumed that night had somehow tricked me into thinking I’d seen a commercial about a spray solvent called “Urine Gone” that actually removed whiz from upholstery. Alas, it is real. The beer did not trick me. So for the low low price of $19.99, you get the spray pee remover AND a handy blacklight. How freakin rad is THAT! I mean seriously, what a great combo.”

Channel change

August 3, 2005

Not sure I approve of the New VI being renamed A Channel. New VI was the worst name ever but A Channel is the name of all the secondary CHUM stations everywhere. Why couldn’t they call it VI Channel or V Channel or I Channel? Damn you Marcia Martin! Stealing our identity, homogenizing the nation, keeping the Island spirit suppressed!

Rock Show!

August 2, 2005

Book your saturdaynight now! Flatbed before Jen leaves town! I’m playing Roland S. Howard to Andrew’s Thurston Moore. I will attempt to jump around as much as him.

Random Order “have been compaired to the Au Pairs, The Slits, and The Clash” by people who’ve obviosuly never heard those bands. At least, judging from the video on their website. Come anyway. Or if you like nyega ska then I’m sure you’ll find everything cook and curry.

I wish the Ghettoblaster on the poster was this Ghettoblaster but I think it’s not. I have been lead to believe a Black Rice connection. I’m sure they’ll be good. Mike implied so.

This is the better poster:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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