November 12, 2004

As some of you may have read on other Livejournals, Brazny had this to say to me:

“Let’s say, hypothetically speaking, that a crocodile had you trapped in its clenched jaws. The situation would be hopeless, right? No, not at all. If you had the presence of mind to jam your fingers into the beast’s eyeballs, it would release you immediately. Similarly, Sagittarius, the predicament in which you actually find yourself these days is not as dire as you might imagine. Escape will be surprisingly easy if you simplify your perspective and let your instinct for survival guide you.”

The problem is, I’m in too many predicaments to know how to apply this wisdom. It feels like everyone is demanding a piece of me and my time and I have barely enough limbs to feed too crocodiles much less a half dozen or so. Anyway, I’m not going to gouge out Chelsea’s eyes so she should stop walking around with her stooges handblock. Speaking of which, Brezny had this to say to her:

“According to philosopher George Santayana, “A fanatic is one who redoubles his effort when he has forgotten his aim.” Let’s make sure that doesn’t become an apt description of you in the coming weeks, Scorpio. I have no problem with you redoubling your already-intensive efforts. In fact, I encourage you to take your dogged, concentrated approach to new levels that are unprecedented even for you. Just make sure that you never get sidetracked by fantasies of revenge or other irrelevant diversions. Stay hyper-focused on your worthy, noble goals. Show all of us the meaning of enlightened obsession.”

I’m somewhat concerned about this “fantasies of revenge” business. I may start walking around with my hand blocking eye-gouges too.


Today in the Nav office I witnessed one of the most flagrant displays of hypocrisy I’ve ever had the (dis)pleasure to be exposed to. Astounding how people’s minds (mal)function.

Had lunch with Nathan and Trevor. This was just after witnessing the faculty art show. Which is dumfounding. Especially the pieces by a certain typography instructor. Those looking for an insight into the mind of Greg Ball should visit his piece in the lower gallery. Enlightening.

I never got a Tim Hortin’s poppy quarter.

November 11, 2004

In honour of the fallen dead on the shores of Normandy, I locked my keys in the car. This was just before driving out to my folks’ house to honour my father’s birth. This act was followed by a a half hour of me struggling with a car door, a car window and a car sunroof, and a coat hanger and then an additional half hour of hitting redial on the phone until my dad got off the line with his siblings. My mom made him drive them down here with the spare keys, cold pizza and birthday cake.

When I got home today, Chelsea greated me at the door with a hug and I said, “You smell nice.” She said, “Because I smell like bacon?” I said, “Um…no.” Then she explained she said “bakin'” She’d been baking tai-tai. Mmmmm domestic.

Last night I performed on Sandeep’s radio show, The Late Shift. It was a good time. Thanks for having me on and thanks for recording it. I think I should play on Matt’s show next if he still has one. Hint hint. Though I’ve heard rumors involving Tom Cochrane.

Ken and I have begin rehearsing in earnest for the 23rd show. I think The Clap “sound” is finally beginning to solidify. Also, in a comic coup of hilarious hijinks, I threw the fabulous rubber lizard I found at More Than Movies into Ken’s messenger bag as he turned to open the door. He’d said mean things about it.

Lunch, etc.

November 9, 2004

Had lunch at Friends Lounge with Stephen and Andrew. I had Turkish coffee which was stranger and grainier than I expected, but an exotic treat. By “grainy” I don’t mean coffee grounds, I mean whole grains–or cloves perhaps, an abundance floating on the surface and getting stuck in my teeth.

Tomorrow night (Wed Nov 10th) I’m performing (under the BABEL moniker) on Sandeeps radio show (CHLY 101.7fm). I believe I start jammin’ at 11:15 pm. I’ll be playing a piece called “Dubya Dub” featuring “the curious wit and wisdom of George W. Bush” and later in the show a piece called “Beelzebubya”.

I think I’ll mention it’s foggy since I’ve noticed a few other people have too.

I’ve been working on some canvasses lately. I plan on having an exhibition (somewhere?) next spring.

What is this freakish “Reborn” fad I knew nothign about??

November 8, 2004

I randomly found this on ebay and needed to find out what the hell “reborning” was…

…they’re all over ebay it seems…

…anyway, in my googling i found this link which shed some light on the dark art…

…then i struck gold and discovered this site…

…i especially like the “how to change eyes” page…

…here’s a webring of various “nurseries” that produce and sell these abominations.


November 7, 2004

Today Chelsea and I went power-shopping in order to spend her HBC, Canadian Tire and Chapters gift cards she’s been stock-piling over several x-masses and birthdays. We now have a foot-spa, a pilates ball and a totally crazy coloured fondue set. We may only eat fondue for the next month. I thought it’d be great to dip cheese into more melted cheese but this idea has been vetoed. Chelsea also picked up some great book deals including a $3 book on Talking heads. Chapters has a whack-load of great graphic design books again which I assume were the ones Kat was talking about before but had sold out before I got a chance to go down a look at them. I could easily spend $200 on GD books. Instead, I got penny-rollers at the new nothing over a dollar mega-store which is in the old Future Shop space. It was lame as it has a regular dollar store’s amount of junk but spread out over three times the space.

That tha ef? A soy conspiracy?

November 2, 2004

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